Rules & Policies

The Tri-Community YMCA encourages the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in our staff, members, participants and visitors.  Individuals are expected to behave in a manner consistent with these values.  This includes respecting the rights of others and their property, using appropriate language at all times in the facility, accessing the facility through the lobby area and being responsible for their own actions.  The YMCA reserves the right to ask individuals to leave the YMCA if their behavior warrants.

Card Identification:
We ask that you swipe your card at the Member Service Desk on your arrival.  Presentation of your card will be required for use of the facility.

The driveway up to the front of the building must not be used as a pick-up or drop-off area.  This area is strictly reserved.  Please do not park in the handicap spaces or the fire lane.  We strongly urge all parents with children under the age of 13 to take a moment and park in the appropriate designated area and escort their child(ren) to their program area or class.  The YMCA is not responsible for the children until they arrive for class.

Membership may be paid in annually (in full), by Bank Draft or by using our payment plan.  Bank Draft is available to all new and existing members.  By filling our a brief form, this will authorize the Tri-Community YMCA to make monthly withdrawals from either your statement savings, checking account or credit card.  With our payment plan, the first payment is due upon registration; subsequent payments in 30-day increments over 3 consecutive months.  Payment may be made by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.  Membership payments must be made on time.  All membership payments past due 30 days will result in termination.  There is a one time $50.00 processing fee.  This fee is for ALL new members excluding youth and teen memberships.  This fee will also apply to all members, excluding youth and teen who have let their membership lapse for 30 days or more.  Fee is waived for those paying in full.  All memberships are Non-Transferable.

Session Registration:
Payment –  Member cards must be present and full payment must be made at the time of registration.  We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover .

Times – Available during business hours on the days listed.  In person only for non-members.  No phone registrations.  Confirmations for fax registrations will not be sent.

Make-up – Only for classses cancelled or postponed by the YMCA.

Credit –  Only issued for individuals withdrawing  from classes at the discretion of the director or when the Y cannot make up the class.  Credit slips must be presented at registration.

Wait list Policy:
If  you or your child has been waitlisted for a class and the YMCA calls to put you or your child in that class, you will pay a prorated amount based on the number of classes remaining.  We must hear from you within 24 hours after we have called you from the waitlist.

Locker Rooms:
Mens/Womens: for high school age and older.  Boys/Girls: for youth under high school age.  Health Center: Health Center members only.  No one under the age of 18 allowed.  A parent with and opposite sex child should us the Family Changing Room.  A mother with a daughter and a father with a son may also use the girls or boys locker rooms.  YMCA members and program participants are responsible for securing their lockers with their own locks.  Lockers are day lockers only.  You are not allowed to leave locks on lockers overnight.

Financial Assitance:
The Y believes in providing the opportunity to join for those who may not be able to afford yearly dues.  Limited funds are available to subsidize membership.  Applications are available at the front desk.

Guest Pass Policy:
Members ages 18 and older may purchase guest passes for non-members.  Members are required to be with their non member guests while they are using the YMCA facility.  Members may purchase a maximum of two (2) guest passes per day.  Members are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests while they are using the YMCA facility.  Non members are strictly forbidden from purchasing a guest pass without being the guest of a member age 18 and older.  Guest passes are valid for the day or purchase only.  Youth/Senior $4.00; Teen/Adult $10.00; Family $15.00

Membership Freeze Policy:
Members who are unable to use their membership due to medical reasons and/or departure from the geographical area are allowed to apply to “freeze” their membership.  This can be done only in 30 day increments.  Applications are available at the member service desk and are  subject to the approval by the Membership Director.

Program Credits and Refunds:
Refunds will only be made if the program or class in canceled by the YMCA.  See Session Registration for more information.

Teen Facility Use:
On all days, except Thursdays, teens under 16 who are in the building without a parent/legal guardian will be asked to leave the YMCA by 7:00pm.  Teens who are in the building with a parent/legal guardian will have no restrictions on the times they are allowed to be in the building.  Teens who are enrolled in a YMCA program will be allowed to stay in the YMCA until the program is over.  All gym and pool schedules will be posted.

Youth Membership Guidelines:
Youth members are not allowed in the YMCA building unless he or she is participating in a scheduled youth YMCA program or activitiy, or is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.